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Your Season to Shine

“Let Your Light Shine”


Every year, a lot of thought and reflection goes into choosing our conference theme. 2019 was no different. We get ideas, suggestions, and feedback from members and previous conference attendees. 
We are excited to share the 2019 theme is “Your Season to Shine.” 
Over the past 10 years, Working Women of Tampa Bay has spotlighted hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, educators, and influencers. We’ve made it our mission to shine a light on amazing women who are having an enormous impact on Tampa Bay and beyond.
Getting them to share their story and stand in the spotlight can be a challenge. Countless invites go unaccepted because some of these powerhouses aren’t comfortable with the attention or “tooting their own horn”.
In a 2018 study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly, researchers shared, “in an environment where women don’t feel able to brag, it becomes harder to see their accomplishments and celebrate them. The less recognition they get, the more uncomfortable bragging is going to feel. And that has real ramifications—women are not getting the promotions, the attention, and the investments that men are. And while bragging can’t solve all that, it can at least make women’s achievements more visible. It all comes back to that famous phrase: You can’t be what you can’t see.”

No more downplaying accomplishments and shying away from self-promotion.
We are on a mission to encourage women to soak up the sun, own the spotlight and shine a light on the women around them.
It’s time to brag! It’s time to celebrate!

It’s Your Season to Shine!

– Jessica Rivelli
Founder, Working Women of Tampa