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2019 Keynote Speaker: Kate Delaney

Working Women is happy to announce Kate Delaney as one of 2019 State Conference Keynote Speakers. Kate will take the stage on September 6th!

Kate Delaney is an Emmy-award winning journalist speaker and work place expert. She’s interviewed more than 16,000 people, including U.S. presidents, top CEOs and Hall of Fame athletes.

She is also a popular professional speaker. Many of her keynotes and workshops focus on work place diversity and inclusion. Other topics include Change and Culture.

Kate has hosted shows on the NBC Sports Radio Network, WFAN in New York City and KRLD in Dallas, Texas. Currently she hosts the Kate Delaney show that includes Forbes Books Radio a weekly feature showcasing movers and shakers in the business world. It reaches three million people.

She’s the author of three popular books. Her latest business book published by Forbes, Deal Your Own Destiny, Increase Your Odds, Win Big and Become Extraordinary is receiving rave reviews.

Kate has served as a Keynote speaker and consultant for companies such as: Deloitte, Stanley Oil and Gas, Forbes, UPS, Fox, AT&T, Cisco, and Exxon/Mobil, Kraft, Macy’s and many more.

Kate is the Past President of the National Speakers Association in Dallas. Kate’s addicted to golf but only wins closest to the pin when she’s playing miniature golf.

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A Network of Fisherwomen

Courtney Jones is slated to speak at the 5th Annual Working Women State Conference at The Straz Performing Arts Center in Tampa on September 14th – 15th. Leading female speakers from around the country will share their stories during this conference designed to motivate, educate and inspire.

By Courtney Jones

Here’s my story:
One time I had a great corporate job. Then my husband and I started a family. As the time passed, I found myself continually connecting with incredibly passionate, motivated, educated professional moms. They were everywhere. I’d meet them at the park, at children’s birthday parties and even in my own front yard (which was adjacent to theirs, of course).

Then, it made me sad. I was sad because while these impressive women were loving their lives as moms, they also expressed that they missed having the opportunity to contribute professionally. They sacrificed their professional self in an effort to provide for others and absolutely every one of them were happy that they made the decision that they did. They just wished that there were other options.

Then MomSource Network started fishing.

We started fishing for opportunities, for companies, for business owners and executives, for start-ups and Fortune 500s. We started fishing for flexibility and for options, on behalf of these women. We are fishing for the people and organizations who recognize that this untapped talent pool could create major opportunities for their business to win. These women are excellent at multi-tasking, they are fiercely loyal when they feel appreciated, they are deadline and results-driven—in short, they are incredible team members.

For the last few years, we’ve connected one by one or a handful at a time, this amazing mom-talent to the organizations who value their contributions and are willing to engage them in a flexible full-time, part-time or remote capacity. We’re passionate about connecting each individual woman in our Network to the right opportunity for she and her family. In short, we’re busting ass to find and give her the fish.

Most of the time we’ve done well. We’ve been able to teach companies how to engage women and to find opportunities for teachers, accountants, marketers and more. Both large and small organizations have hired us to help them build remote teams. We’ve experienced some challenges too like struggling to find the right opportunities or enough opportunities. Our entire team is out there working hard to do more to catch more for these deserving women.

Now, we want to do more.

We’ll always keep fishing for the right fit for our members but as we continue to grow, we’ve realized that there is so much more that we can do. We can build a Network of Fisherwomen. We can provide motivated women an opportunity to take charge of their journey to work-life blend, to support the journey of others and to fish with us.

As we embark on our newest adventure, we’ll be training any fisherwoman who wants to join us on how she can use her time prioritizing family as a vehicle to grow her skills, polish her acumen and validate others. Our new roadmaps are designed to address the unique needs of women who are working full-time and planning a transition, those who are ready for a career pivot and those who are actively returning from an absence. Our most popular roadmap: The one for those women who are currently taking a career pause.

Now, when she’s ready, she can set out on the open waters and be confident that she can fish for whatever it is that she wants.

We’ll be providing the rod and reel (or tools and resources) and the bait and tackle (opportunities and support) that we know will help her navigate those murky waters between wherever she is and her ideal work-life blend.

Today, we introduce the modern mom, the Fisherwoman.

You can hear more about Courtney during the 5th Annual Working Women Conference at The Straz Performing Arts Center on September 14th – 15th. You can register for both days at WorkingWomenConference.com.

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Working Women State Conference Speaker to Share Personal Story of Triumph

Twenty-eight speakers are slated for this year at the 4th Annual Working Women State Conference at The Straz Performing Arts Center in Tampa on Friday, Sept 9. Leading women speakers from around the country will share their stories during this conference designed to motivate, educate and inspire.

Speaker Melissa Dohme has been sharing her story for more than four years to educate women about domestic violence.

Many people in the Tampa Bay area remember the college student who was stabbed 32 times by her ex-boyfriend just outside her Clearwater home.

He had convinced her to see him one more time, just so he could have closure, and a hug.

That was the night she learned that the time period after leaving an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time.

“That’s when the most horrific things happen,” Melissa said.

The attack left her with facial paralysis and the need for multiple surgeries, traveling to Boston to see specialists and surgeons, including nerve and muscle transplantations to her face, so she can one day smile fully again.

She has had to re-learn how to talk, eat, laugh, even close and open her eyes.

Now she speaks at high schools throughout the region, educating teens about dating violence with the Teen Dating 101 program.

She tells them about warning signs.

“People think it happens to uneducated people, but it does not discriminate – not with education, age or race. It’s manipulation – it’s all about gaining and maintaining control,” said Melissa.

During her recovery, she met another survivor who had gone through the stages of recovery, including the anger portion. She urged Melissa to move forward with forgiveness of her attacker.

“I forgave him in court publicly, and I walked out of the court free. When I walked out of there I knew I won. He did not have a hold over me anymore.”

“I have let all of the bitterness go. It’s amazing. Forgiveness changed my life and enabled me to move forward.”

Another person she met, changed her life as well.

Cameron Hill was one of the first Firefighter-EMT’s to respond after the attack. He set up the landing zone and helped load her into the helicopter that airlifted her to the nearest trauma center. As one of the first responders on scene, he felt moved to follow along with her progress and recovery.

Months later they would see each other again. He asked her out. Incredibly, it turned into love.

Just last May, Melissa was invited to throw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. After promising to help her work on her pitch, once at Tropicana Field, Cameron knelt and handed her a baseball that said, “Will you marry me?” They will marry next spring.

Melissa has also graduated college and “landed her dream job” at Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay charitable organization.

She continues to educate high school students, as well as adults, and was a keynote speaker in April for an Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Committee and will appear on local television in October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Even though there have been dark nights, numerous surgeries, friends lost, and a PTSD diagnosis, she has grown tremendously and helped others with her story.

“Meeting other survivors was what changed me completely.”

She remains positive about her journey and states emphatically, “Every day is a blessing.”

Especially when you’ve “Almost lost your life and know that you’ve been given it back.”

“I tell people, “No matter what happens to you in life, you can move forward.”

She has learned to move forward. She has found forgiveness.

“The attack was only one day in my life. It doesn’t define me.”

You can hear Melissa’s inspiring story during the 4th Annual Working Women Conference at The Straz Performing Arts Center on September 9th. The conference kicks off on Thursday evening with a networking reception. You can register for both days at WorkingWomenConference.com

Article by Marsha Strickhouser

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Tragedy as a Catalyst for Change: Melissa Wandall’s Story

Inspirational stories, ones of strength and resilience, will be featured on September 9th at the 4th Annual Working Women State Conference at The Straz Performing Arts Center in Tampa.

Leading women speakers from around the country will share their stories and offer career guidance during this two-day conference designed to motivate, educate and inspire. One of those speakers is Bradenton mom, Melissa Wandall.

October 24, 2003, is a day that changed Melissa’s life. It’s the day her husband was killed when the car he was in was hit by a driver who ran a red light.

Melissa was nine months pregnant at the time and was faced with the terrifying truth that her baby girl, Madisyn, would never know her father.

“I made the decision right there to find a way to find his love and that my daughter would know him in this life and that she wouldn’t be a victim,” said Melissa.

Since that tragic day, her story has been one of resiliency, empowerment and “embracing the love and not the loss.”

“You do what you do in the hopes of inspiring people. I keep being pulled to places and people that need me. It’s the trust and the faith that I’m in the right place.”

And that gives her the motivation to go on.

After her husband’s death, Melissa utilized life Insurance funds to start a foundation for children in grief – The Mark Wandall Foundation, while simultaneously starting a coalition – The STOP! Red Light Running Coalition of Florida, to pass a life-saving bill in her husband’s name – The Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act.

As a speaker for the past six years on the value of life insurance, she gave valuable insights to the business world and was the recipient of the “Embrace Life” award by State Farm.

On May 13, 2010, the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act was passed by Florida legislature. The bill assures $3 from each traffic ticket in Florida goes to the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, founded by Dr. Barth A. Green and Miami Dolphins football player Nick Buoniconti, at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. The Miami Project is the number one brain and spinal institute in the United States and designated center of excellence.

Another $10 from each ticket goes to 22 Level 1 Trauma Centers in the state of Florida. The bill has raised more than $30 million for those trauma centers and $15 million for The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.

“People are walking again because of those funds,” she said.

In addition to educating adults, a big part of her outreach and education focuses on children.

The Mark Wandall Foundation facilitates and funds a partnership with Comfort Zone Camp, a free bereavement camp for children from ages 5-18.

“The camp is important because after the loss of a parent or caregiver, the children no longer no how to connect with people.” It’s important that they hear: “Hey it’s not your fault.”

“The incredible thing is – Mark is still the love of my life. I love him as much today as I did then. I’m so grateful that his love that we shared is doing something incredible in this world and at the end of the day. That’s what helps me sleep at night.”

You can hear Melissa’s inspiring story during the 4th Annual Working Women Conference at The Straz Performing Arts Center on September 9th. The conference kicks off on Thursday evening with a networking reception. You can register for both days at WorkingWomenConference.com

Article by Marsha Strickhouser

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Working Women Conference – Ardre Orie

Working Women Conference Ardre Orie opened with a bang.  Her story brought shocked surprise and tears to the eyes of the women in the audience.

Ardre Orie was born to lead and empower. As a childhood survivor of household domestic violence, Ardre was motivated to be transparent in her journey and to work tirelessly to empower women suffering from oppressive circumstances in their lives. Her goal as an author, film director and advocate for women is to create platforms and media that allow their voices to be heard.


A brief summary of her talk includes:

  • journey through emotion
  • how Ardre’s life started to change in 7th grade
  • why Ardre had an Attitude with a capital A
  • the surprise shock that Ardre’s mother was a victim of domestic violence and Ardre was living in Hell
  • what happened the day her mother did not pick her up after school
  • finding the strongest woman she had ever known in a fetal position, beaten
  • from Attitude to Hero/Heroine
  • 4 pivotal moments you will want to write down
  • remember this “All the power you will ever need, you already have.”
  • we are all “A Heroine in Heels”

Our website is:


Please come visit it to see our upcoming events.

Ardre Orie’s website is:



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Working Women Conference – Christy Wilson Delk

Working Women Conference brought so many inspiring women to speak, this episode is the presentation Christie Wilson Delk gave and here is a little bit of information on Christie:

With a background in corporate sales, a cashed-out 401K, and the sale of her home, Christy bought a franchise, launching her entrepreneurial journey. Over 15 years, with passion and her Method Management process, she built it into the largest single-unit franchise in her industry. Now, after an immensely profitable exit, Christy speaks to others looking for their own path to success.

Summary of this show includes:

  • 1996 sold her house
  • her CPA was not too happy
  • she needed 15% down on a 1.6 million dollar loan from SBA
  • she purchased a franchise “Kids are Kids”
  • the courage to act is why she presented at the conference
  • her meeting with Jane Pauley and what she learned from that
  • the courage to act often has intersecting circles
  • when things don’t resonate tuck them away
  • confidence comes from acting
  • the importance of keeping things secret and why you shouldn’t tell everybody your plan/idea/secret
  • why passive income is important when you are going out on your own
  • celebrate your decision to act and have the courage

Don’t forget to check us out on our website to look at upcoming events and we have a newsletter at working women of tampa bay that you can sign up for and there is a lot more there.


For more information on Christie please check out her website at:


We know you have busy lives and we appreciate the time you take to listen to our show.




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Working Women Conference – Jessica Muroff

Working Women Conference brought many wonderful speakers to the stage – this episode speaker is Jessica Muroff, CEO of the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida.

This is a quote directly from Jessica Muroff: “The Girl Scouts have had a lasting and life-changing impact on girls for more than 100 years, and it is my vision to guide and inspire us to continue to be the high-impact, relevant, and innovative organization dedicated to the advancement of girls.”

She spoke about:

  • the biggest decisions you ever made in your life
  • emotions influence us and how this happens
  • emotions are positive and negative
  • passion  is the intensity of an emotion
  • why we have these great big feelings
  • we feel before we think
  • lessons in the anatomy of our brains
  • why we resist change
  • the difficulty of being a working mom
  • launched Be Present project
  • how non-profit work is the best career choice she has made
  • her genetic makeup is Girl Scout driven throughout her entire family
  • radiate your passion/drive your change
  • start, create, be
  • write the book you would want to read
  • 70,000,000 girls have been Girl Scouts
  • 70% of all female leaders – a Girl Scout
  • every female astronaut – a Girl Scout
  • what Jessica Muroff chooses to do
  • you will also learn what her Super Power is

Please come visit our website:


for more information on the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida


Thank you all so much for listening.

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Editor of Cake & Whiskey to speak at 2nd Annual State Conference

Working Women of Tampa Bay is pleased to announce Megan Smith, Founder, Publisher, and Editor of Cake & Whiskey; the Sweet & Spirited World of Business magazine will be traveling to Clearwater in September for our 2nd Annual Conference.

Before starting Cake & Whiskey, Megan was a freelance writer, a blogger with over 50,000 readers monthly, and a magazine columnist. She has owned three successful companies and still occasionally writes for other national publications with her latest piece for the Huffington Post garnering over 19,000 “likes” in two days.

Cake & Whiskey magazine is devoted to women in all stages of their business journey. It seeks to motivate and spark women to dream bigger, reach higher, and achieve greater things.

For modern woman, successful navigation of today’s business landscape requires mastering the fine art of Cake & Whiskey, finding the balance between spirited strength and life’s sweet indulgences.

Cake & Whiskey seeks to provide current, engaging and sophisticated perspectives into the modern business world through casual interviews conducted over a slice of cake and a glass of whiskey.

Megan’s love of business and her disappointment with the currently available business publications in the marketplace led her to launch Cake & Whiskey magazine without any initial investment money, contacts, or leads. She has grown the magazine and the brand to an international level in a little over a year on loads of ingenuity, creativity, and massive gumption.

Megan is the mom of three young boys. When she’s not inspiring women worldwide, she’s playing an OK game of tennis, and thinks a perfect day should include a car ride on country roads in hopes of finding a great antique shop and diner.

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Shark Tank Winner to Share Story of Sweet Success

We’ve got a sweet success story to share at our 2nd Annual State Conference at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater.

Kim “Daisy,” of Daisy Cakes has always had a passion for cooking. She started cooking before most kids learned how to ride a bike! By the time she was 10 years old, she had sold her very first cake, now named the Jilly Vanilly.

Kim has a lot of experience up her sleeve. She has been in the food business for over 30 years and started out waiting tables during the summer in South Carolina and slowly began learning the tricks and trades of cooking and running a restaurant.

After Graduating from Wofford College she and a friend, Sophie Copses, started a catering business and then four years later, in 1990, Kim opened her first full-service restaurant, As You Like It in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

To further spread her love of cooking she started Cooking Up A Storm in 1998, which was a hands-on cooking class that allowed students to bring their own groceries and explore their love for cooking. She taught over 300 students!

And then there was Daisy Cakes. Daisy Cakes began in June 2009 when Kim really wanted to share her family cake recipes to a much larger customer base. She and her mother individually hand-sift, bake, and frosted each 4-layer cake. They would travel to Junior League and other holiday and food shoes where folks can taste just how delicious the cakes are for themselves. The cakes are always available to take home or they can be ordered online and shipped directly to the home of the consumer.

Daisy Cakes really took off when Kim and her cakes appeared on the hit ABC show “Shark Tank,” and aired in April of 2011. Since then, her business has really boomed. She received an investment from Barbara Corcoran, and with the help of her new business partner, Kim has had many great opportunities. She has been on “The Nate Berkus Show, Anderson Cooper, ABC World News, The Today Show, The Taste, and QVC.

Her cakes have even been featured as prizes on “The Price Is Right” and “Wheel of Fortune.”

Kim continues to inspire individuals with her passion for cooking and her sentiments on life and business. She says, “Never give up. I have never given on this. I knew in 2009 when I started doing this that it would work…. I cook dinner almost every day for my family but I really love the cakes. They are delicious.”

Look for her first cookbook, Daisy Cakes, Share a Slice of Love, coming out in Summer 2014.

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Dawna Stone to Headline Keynote Lunch at our First Annual State Conference

Working Women of Tampa Bay is proud to announce we’ve chosen Dawna Stone to headline our Keynote Lunch at our First Annual State Conference.Dawna Stone is a health, fitness and wellness expert who has appeared on The Today Show, MARTHA and morning news programs on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. She founded Women’s Running magazine and the Women’s Half Marathon series, which has helped thousands lead healthier lives.Dawna won NBC’s “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” show, hosted “Health and Fitness Talk with Dawna Stone” on Sirius Satellite Radio and “Healthy Living with Dawna Stone” on FOX. Her first book, “Winning Nice” made Amazon’s list of top 100 business books, while her latest book, Healthy You!, was just released to rave reviews.

Working as a Wall Street financial analyst, being President of a $20 million sports nutrition company, and serving as Chief Marketing Officer for a $700 million publicly traded company taught Dawna a great deal about success. Dawna credits several key factors for her corporate and entrepreneurial success. She’ll show you how believing in yourself, setting big goals and asking for what you want can catapult you to incredible new heights!

Dawna graduated from UC Berkeley and the Anderson School of Business at UCLA (MBA). In addition to launching and selling her own companies, Dawna is an avid runner and Ironman triathlete. She lives in St. Petersburg, FL with her husband, five-year-old daughter, four-year-old son and 13-year-old puppy.

About the First Annual State Conference:
Are you ready to be motivated, educated, and inspired? Our two-day program isn’t about sitting around and listening to other women tell you how they achieved success. It’s about YOU… moving your vision forward and finding real solutions to the challenges working women face every day.

What It Will Do For You
•    Break through your personal barriers & position yourself for success
•    Capitalize on one of your greatest gifts: Your Intuition
•    Sharpen your response to conflict and challenges
•    Learn creative, real-world strategies to turn your purpose and passion into profits
•    Refocus your energy on tasks instead of fears to take your life to the next level

This is NOT your average conference. Are you ready to learn more about our State Conference on September 5-6, 2013, in St. Petersburg, Fl? Register now.

Mahaffey Theater
400 1st St | S St Petersburg, FL 33701
September 5 – September 6, 2013