Genesis Krick

CEO of
Genesis Hey Krick - Dream Ignite Build Inc.

Favorite Quote

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

About Genesis Krick

Genesis Hey Krick was born and raised in the small town of Dixon, IL and knew as a young girl that she wanted to dream big! The name Genesis means “new beginning” and even as a child she could feel a desire to create great change in the world. As she grew older, she discovered her passion for helping others to succeed. She went on to attain an undergrad in Marketing and Master’s in Organization Leadership and began working with the youth in a variety of capacities, including inner-city work. After pursuing her dream of moving to California in 2010 she went through many changes and had to work through difficult circumstances. Genesis discovered in 2012 she was pregnant with a beautiful baby boy which changed her life forever. She ended up moving back her hometown where she thought it may never be possible again to achieve the dreams she once had. She found herself a single mom and through that process was able to overcome obstacles she never thought possible. Genesis also became a Life and Career Coaching through the Life Purpose Institute to further her wisdom and knowledge to help others thrive and set goals. With God’s direction and help, Genesis has been able to impact thousands of lives by inspiring them to “Live BIG and Dream BIG.” Today, Genesis is married and has three beautiful children, two boys and a girl, and loves being a mother! She is an entrepreneur and runs her own business from home. She is an author of three books; Unleash Your Potential, Hey, Do you Need Exposure?, and Shine On, which is a 60 day devotional. She is a national speaker and provides group training, workshops, speaking engagements and one-on-one coaching for her clients to help them reach their greatest potential. She especially loves to speak to audiences of women who dare to dream bigger! She hosts a weekly podcast called Shine on Women, encouraging women to shine their light and message with the world. She is always focused on growing and learning and believes that there is never too much knowledge one can have to make a difference in the lives of others. Her mission in life is to help individuals to find their calling, achieve their dreams and leave a great legacy behind.