LaFern Batie

CEO of
The Batie Group

Favorite Quote

All that I need, I already have. – LaFern Batie

About LaFern Batie

LaFern Batie is a leader who is committed to creating insights and experiences that lead to practical application, powerful impact, and extends beyond theory and rhetoric for the clients she serves. She is an experienced leader who believes in doing what it takes to consistently deliver action-oriented, high-impact value as a business strategist, leadership consultant, training facilitator, executive coach, and professional speaker. It is about more than what LaFern says. It is evident in the results her clients see based on a clear approach to complex challenges and chaotic situations that they face in an increasingly competitive environment.

As the CEO of The Batie Group, a management consulting firm serving organizations around the globe, LaFern uses her extensive Fortune 500 corporate leadership experience to help international organizations and leaders across diverse industries to maximize their collective and individual performance. Business leaders rave about her high business acumen, ability to quickly connect with teams, thorough and efficient approach to identifying challenges and commitment to helping them achieve results that exceed their expectations.