Sandy Sembler

Embodied Results Coach

Favorite Quote

Duality: Both soft and fierce can coexist and still be powerful. – Doby

About Sandy Sembler

Another failed relationship and an intense 3-hour intervention led Sandy Sembler to discover why she was repeatedly attracting the same emotionally unavailable men. She was living an extraordinary, prosperous life, yet she was unfulfilled, lonely, and dissatisfied. Toxic childhood patterns led her to approach life with a ‘take no prisoners’ mindset providing great financial and philanthropic success, and preventing a deep, authentic connection with the closest people in her life.

By shifting to a new paradigm in her coaching practice, she became a powerful guiding force for women desiring to be feminine, open hearted, and vulnerable. She sought teachers globally and strengthened her intuition through the empowering healing practice of embodiment. This inner soul work allowed her to heal and she recently manifested her warrior-king husband.

Sandy’s deepest desire is for each client to intentionally claim their authentic purpose and abundance of self-worth, trust more fully, release baggage from the past, minimize frustrations between men and women, and create the quality relationships so deeply desired and needed to make the world a brighter place.