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Shuchi Vyas

Founder/CEO of

Favorite Quote

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. – Rumi

About Shuchi Vyas

Shuchi Vyas founded GuestBox as a result of her own experience struggling to surprise and delight her Airbnb guests when she hosted in Manhattan. Shuchi has over ten years of experience in international non-profit development and business journalism, specifically covering consumer goods, marketing, branding and media. Shuchi spent a year traveling the world and working with local nonprofits in Southeast Asia. During this time, she immersed in local culture and hospitality, while laying the foundation for what GuestBox would become – the perfect solution to add back the human element to hospitality in an increasingly digitized industry. Over the last two years of building GuestBox, Shuchi has gained a deep understanding of both: the needs of luxury hotels and the unique value proposition of partner product companies, hence creating great synergies between the two, to ultimately provide relevant and wondrous experiences to the travel industry.